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Rooms to let in Lesvos. Renas Rooms in Melinda (Plomari), Lesbos, Greece




About Plomari
Plomari lies at the South part of Lesvos at a distance of 40 Km from the island's capital, Mytilene.
You can reach Plomari either by the local bus service (KTEL) or by car. Buses run on a daily bases from Mitylene to Plomari on a frequent schedule.

Plomari is the third largest city of the island and relatively new since it was built in 1842. The settlement was previously named “Potamos” (River) after the River Sedoundas that flows through Plomari and into the sea at Plomari Beach. The old village was situated 11Klm north of the modern village where today lies Megalochori. The residents of Meghalochori moved to Plomari after three successive fires in 1841, 1842 and 1843 that burned the village down. In addition, in the middle of 19th century people were no longer afraid of pirate attacks and following the wise advice of Benjamin of Lesvos they abandoned mountainous Megalochori for coastal Plomari.

Today Plomari and the area for that respect has a healthy economy and a thriving cultural life due to tourism. Another important source of income for the people of Plomari is the production of ouzo. There are many distilleries producing the renowned Ouzo of Plomari, which is distributed all over Greece and abroad.

About Melinda 
Melinda is a beautiful pebble beach and a small village near Plomari with crystal clear waters and a huge monolith rock rising in the middle of it. The beach is 1Km long and is accessible either via Plomari or Palaeochori. 
Melinda is mentioned in texts dating from 1768. Since 1909 there have been picturesque little cafes and warehouses as well an old Olive Press factory which however doesn’t operate these days. 

On the beach and some meters inside the sea rises a magnificent monolithic rock 20m long and 10m tall. In Medieval times it used to be an observation post but today it is used as a diving spot. At Melinda there are several guesthouses to accommodate people wishing to relax in a tranquil environment. 

West from Melinda there is a path leading to Panagia Krifti with its little chapel of Virgin Mary. The scenery there is unique with a small naturally formed bay, steep rocks, clear emerald waters and a hot spring, which spouts five metres under the earth and comes out of a rock crevice. The temperature of the spring water is 43.30o C. In the past people used to carry the water in barrels to use it for healing purposes.


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